ASSA Desmo

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ASSA Desmo

ASSA Desmo
Assa Desmo cylinder-EffOr.png
Name ASSA Desmo
Manufacturer ASSA
Lock Type Cam lock
Lock Design Sidebar, Slider
Patent US 5,517,840
US 5,582,050
Expired 2013
# of Components 8
Component Type Slider

The Desmo is a cam lock made by ASSA. It uses two sidebars that interface with four sliders each.


Principles of Operation

The Desmo uses a total of eight free-floating sliders and two sidebars. Sliders are divided into two groups of four, located on each side of the keyway. Each group of sliders has its own sidebar. The sliders have both true and false gates. The key uses two sets of laser tracks to manipulate sliders.

When the key is inserted the sliders are guided by the laser tracks of the key. If the slider cuts are correct, the plug can rotate.

Disassembly instructions

  1. Remove the cam and C clip.
  2. Insert the key and turn the plug a quarter turn.
  3. Lightly push the back of the plug while pressing on the sidebars. It should easily withdraw from the cylinder.


The Desmo may be vulnerable to one or more of the following:



External Links

Mow. "An Overview of the ASSA Desmo." (pdf)

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