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== Principles of operation ==
== Principles of operation ==
:''See also: [[Pin-tumbler#Principles_of_Operation|Pin-Tumbler (Principles of Operation)]]''

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ASSA dp4400

ASSA dp4400
ASSA dp4400 key-Reinder.png
Name ASSA dp4400
Manufacturer ASSA
Lock Type Cylinder
Lock Design Pin-tumbler, Sidebar
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ASSA Twin Combi
ASSA Twin Exclusive
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The dp4400 is a BS EN 1303:2005 Security Grade 6 rated pin-tumbler lock made by ASSA. The dp4400 uses pin-tumblers and a sidebar to provide two layers of security. The patented sidebar mechanism has a force-controlled sidecode function and false gate positions. The cylinder is drill resistant.


Principles of operation

See also: Pin-Tumbler (Principles of Operation)

ASSA dp4400 sliders atrest-Reinder.png ASSA dp4400 sliders aligned-Reinder.png

Disassembly instructions



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