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Fichet logo.jpg
Name Fichet
Headquarters France
Founded 1825
Founder(s) Alexandre Fichet
Lock cylinders, Safes

Fichet (or Fichet-Bauche) is a French lock manufacturer that produces high security lock cylinders, safes, armored doors, alarms, and related security products. The majority of locks produced by Fichet are rather unique, and are usually variations on traditional wafer, lever, combination, or slider designs.



Fichet was founded by Alexandre Fichet in 1825. In 1840, Fichet made his first fire-resistant safe, the popularity of which allowed him to open two new factories in Lyon and Marseille.[1] In 1879, Fichet built its first bank strongroom.

In 1967, Fichet and Bauche (a fire safe company) merged. Since then, the Fichet brand has become a variety of different companies, including Fichet-Bauche, FBH-Fichet, and Point Fort Fichet. Point Fort Fichet is owned by ASSA-Abloy. Fichet-Bauche was acquired by the Gunnebo Security Group in 1999. In 2018, Fichet-Bauche merged into the Fichet Group.[2]

Lock listing

View of the interior of a Fichet Moneo


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