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Mul-T-Lock Interactive

Mul-T-Lock Interactive
Lock Cylinder.JPG
Name Mul-T-Lock Interactive
Manufacturer Mul-T-Lock
Lock Type Padlock, Cylinder
Lock Design Dimple, Pin-tumbler, Telescoping pin
Related Locks
Mul-T-Lock Classic
Mul-T-Lock MT5
Mul-T-Lock 3-in-1
Mul-T-Lock CLIQ

The Interactive is a dimple lock made by Mul-T-Lock. Patented in 1994, the Interactive is a telescoping dimple design that uses 5 inner and 5 outer pin pairs. The key raises both the inner and outer pins to the shear line. The Interactive is the first in Mul-T-Lock's telescoping line that uses a moving element in the key to raise a pin stack higher than physically possible by a traditional key.

The Interactive supercedes the Mul-T-Lock Classic and has since been superceded by the Mul-T-Lock MT5/MT5+. The Mul-T-Lock CLIQ is an electomechanical lock that uses a modified Interactive cylinder with a sidebar and electronic components. The Mul-T-Lock 3-in-1 is a construction keying system that uses Classic and Interactive cylinders with modified plugs and inner pins.


Principles of operation

The Interactive platform brings support for back and side pins. It has hardened steel inserts to prevent drilling and uses telescopic pins to increase the difficulty of picking the lock. Mul-T-Lock uses security pins to further increase the security of the lock.

Mul-T-Lock Keys are noticeably different from pin-tumbler keys due to the mechanism of the lock. It is similar to the Mul-T-Lock Classic but with the addition of a moving component inside the key used to deter unauthorized key duplication. The keys come in three styles, ones that have a rectangular grip, metal grip,and a rounded grip.

Disassembly instructions

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The Interactive may be vulnerable to one or more of the following:


  • Key bumping is disputed as a valid attack. The high number of components likely makes the process more difficult when compared with traditional dimple or pin-tumbler locks. Mul-T-Lock offers "Split-D"/anti-bumping pins in newer Interactive cylinders.


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