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Name Galaxy
Manufacturer Australian Lock Company
Lock Type Cylinder
Lock Design Axial, Sidebar
Year(s) Produced 201x - Present

The Galaxy is a multi-sidebar lock made by Australian Lock Company. Arranged axially, the Galaxy uses a number of independent spring loaded sidebars that interact with a central core that is milled to have negative (convex) features that interact with the positive features on the codebar. The core itself can rotate with keys that are designed to shift the codebar left, center or right while it is seated in the lock cylinder. This extends the master keying capabilities of Galaxy and also enables innovative keying structures that can reduce the need to re-cut/re-issue change keys that are in circulation when a master key is lost, for example. Not only does left, center or right movement of the codebar provide extended master keying, but rotation of the codebar allows for core removal, and rapid disassembly. Galaxy key patents are valid until 2024.

Principles of operation

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Keying Specifications and Benefits of Galaxy

Master keying with Galaxy is somewhat different than master keying with traditional inline 6-pin barrels. Australian Lock Company has provided specialized tools that help locksmiths to envision the milled code bar with its milled surface. There are a limited number of master locksmiths who deep experience with Galaxy but it is gaining in popularity in Australia and New Zealand especially with insurance companies that are insuring schools against loss of master keys. Fixed priced rekeying of doors is offered to schools / insurance companies at prices significantly below traditional rekeying costs. By putting all the change keys on one orientation of the codebar, and master keys on another orientation, one can eliminate the need to recut change keys (e.g. all the keys of teachers) and only recut master keys. Old code bars can be removed and new codebars inserted in less than one minute per door. Shop staff can do all the cutting of code bars at the shop and provide the codebars to technicians for installation when students are not present, e.g. during the weekend. This type of discreet rekeying is attractive to many customers.

Disassembly instructions

Removal keys are used by locksmiths in the field to rekey locks by removing the codebar. New codebars, that have been milled using a specialized machine that is leased to locksmiths by the Australian Lock Company, are taken into the field and inserted into lock cylinders.


The Galaxy may be vulnerable to one or more of the following:


  • Impressioning and decoding unconfirmed. Lockpicking confirmed at LockCon 2012.



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