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The LockWiki glossary of terms and abbreviations found in locksmithing, lockpicking, locksport and the lock and safe security industry in general.

axial - Characterized by being in along or in the direction of an axis.

cut root depth - The root depth is a dimension of a key, measured from the bottom of a cut in the key to the bottom of the key’s blade.

float picking - Float picking is a term used to describe the use of manual counter rotation while setting the pins. To aid in controlling the direction of the roation, two turning tools or one tight fitting tool may be used.

gin pin - A pin tumbler with a narrow groove at one end, resembling the shape of a bottle (see spool pin). ASSA Twin 6k gins 01-scaled-Snow.jpg

lockpick - A tool or implement used to manipulate the components (pins, levers or wafers, etc.) inside a lock without the key.



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