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Cleanup is the process by which articles on Lockwiki are improved. Articles that require cleanup may be small or large, and require cleanup for a variety of reasons. Usual reasons include clarity, expansion, grammar, wikification (adding wiki links and other formatting), etc. Cleanup is a different process than expanding stub articles, but the motivations are similar.

All users are welcome to help in editing or fixing any page on these lists. Please remember to take the appropriate tag(s) off the page when you have completed cleaning an article. Please also document what you have done on the article's talk page for the reference of other editors.

How to mark articles for cleanup

  1. Make sure this is the page you should be using.
  2. Find the appropriate tag(s) in the table below.
  3. Add the tags to the top of the article, after the title.
  4. Add an explanatory note to the article's talk page and/or list the article on Help:Cleanup.

By doing this, you will put the article into one or more categories where other editors can find and fix it.

If you don't have time to do anything more than tag an article as needing cleanup, that's fine and a very useful thing to do. (Reading and evaluating articles does indeed take a lot of time and is certainly real work.) If you do have the time to do so, it would be helpful to fix one article already on the list for every one that you add. This helps ensure that at least some fix-it work actually does get done, and helps keep the size of this collection from growing without bound.

Tags for articles that need cleaning up

Lockwiki currently supports the following cleanup tags:

De-listing cleaned articles

  • Remove the {{Cleanup|date=January 2009}}, etc. tag from the article itself, if there is one.
  • Remove the listing from Help:Cleanup, if there is one. Please don't just strikethrough; these will just accumulate in an unsustainable fashion.

Articles marked for cleanup

In addition to this list, visit the following categories to find articles tagged for cleanup:

Articles tagged for cleanup

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