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This page holds information for Lockwiki editors. Thanks to everyone who contributes!


Lockwiki runs on MediaWiki, so check out MediaWiki's Help:Editing page. Help:Wikitext_examples is also an excellent source of syntax help for Mediawiki. See Help:Contents for an overview of Lockwiki specific help on certain topics.

The general format for Lockwiki pages is a title, short summary, and subsequent sections of various key points of the topic. Inline images may be used, depending on the content of the article.


General guidelines for editing pages:

  • Only link the first instance of a keyword on a page, and only if it is a major or relevant topic.
  • When linking, use substitute text to remove any strange characters. For example, Legal Issues not Legal_Issues.
  • When creating a new page, use underscores (_) instead of spaces for the page name.
  • Avoid overlinking (the use of too many non-major or irrelevant page links).
  • Avoid overcategorization (the use of too many unecessary categories).
  • Use an include for pages that use large charts/tables. (Legal Issues is a good example.)

Keep in mind

Changes to your edits are not personal attacks
Assume good faith when changes to your edits occur. Edits are made with the intent of expanding or clarifying the page, not as personal attacks. If a disagreement occurs, do not immediately roll-back or re-edit the page. Instead, use the associated talk/discussion page to discuss it with other editors. Follow the Dispute Resolution Process (below) if discussion does not solve the problem. If you are the person making a change to another's edit and you feel that it may be controversial, please provide rationale in your update message explaining why the change was made.
New pages do not need to be final drafts.
Creating a new page is great, but try to add more than just "edit me!" However, you do not need to provide a complete, polished page when the page is first created. At the very least, try to provide a basic summary, and some placeholders for future information that should be on the page.
Creating dead links is OK
Adding links to pages that do not exist yet is OK, but only if that page is necessary and not covered elsewhere. As an editor it is your responsibility to check related pages for similar information. If a new page is necessary, please create it and update associated pages to point to it instead. Use the talk pages to discuss drastic changes with other editors beforehand. If the dead link points to a major page, please remember to add it to the Lockwiki Map.
Jargon is OK, slang is not
Physical security has many jargon terms, all of which are acceptable on this site. Slang, however, should be kept to a minimum, and preferably not used if you can help it. If you don't know the official or appropriate term for something, use the talk pages to ask other editors for clarification.
Do not plagiarize
Lockwiki does not condone the use of copyrighted materials on the site unless you are the original author of the work or can provide a release form allowing us to use it. Make sure to use your own words when referencing other pages during editing.

Finding pages to edit

The following are good places to go if you want to look for something to edit or create:

Dispute Resolution Process

In the event there is a dispute regarding the accuracy, syntax, layout, legality, or necessity of a page, please remain civil and follow this process to resolve your dispute. Do not attack other editors or start a rollback war.

  • Discuss the change with the other editor; attempt to come to a resolution based on fact or a compromise.
  • Use the talk page to discuss the dispute with others. Attempt to find an unbiased third party that can support the facts or rationale of one side.
  • Use the talk page to perform a survey (for changes unrelated to accuracy, such as layout).
  • Contact a sysop, datagram or Legion303, for mediation or a final decision.

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