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Sold Secure

Sold Secure is a physical security testing and approval organization based in the United Kingdom. Sold Secure was started by Northumbria and Essex Police in 1992 [1], and is owned by, but independent of, the Master Locksmiths Association.

The current mission statement is: "It is the Mission of Sold Secure to test and provide professional and accurate advice regarding effective security products to Commercial Customers, the Insurance Industry, the Home Office, the Police and the Public."

Approval Categories

Lock Cylinders (SS312) - Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond

Bicycle Products (SS104) - Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond

Motorscooter/Motorcycle Products

  • Motorscooters (SS106) Silver, Gold
  • Motorcycles (SS101) Gold, Diamond
  • Quads/ATVs (SS101) Gold

Caravan/Trailer Products

  • Caravans/Trailers (SS103) Silver, Gold
  • Caravan Wheel Locks (SS110) Diamond
  • Locking Wheel Nuts (SS109) Gold
  • Trackers (SS203) Gold, Diamond

Ground Anchor Products (SS105) - Gold

Vehicle Products

  • Automotive (SS102) Gold
  • Commercial Vehicles (SS102) Gold
  • Security Posts (SS105) Gold

Alarm Products

  • Attack Alarms (SS502) Gold
  • Audible Accessory Alarms (SS503) Gold

Safes/Security Cabinets

  • Safes (SS304) Silver, Gold
  • Security Cabinets (SS314) Bronze, Silver
  • EN14450 S1
  • EN14450 S2

Domestic Products (SS301) - Bronze, Silver, Gold

Padlock Products (SS303)

  • Padlocks (SS303) Bronze, Silver, Gold
  • Security Padlock Fittings (SS303) Silver

Security Chains (SS307) Gold


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