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Primus predates Everest?

The line that claims "The Primus is an updated version of the Schlage Everest" seems unlikely, given that the Everest patented keyways were developed as a result of the classic CP thru FP Primus key profile patents expiring, I think it unlikely. Is it supposed to say "The Primus XP is an updated version of the Schlage Everest"?

Hello anon,

I think there might be some confusion on Schlage's naming scheme. I believe the Everest predates the Primus, and the Primus predates the Everest Primus. XP versions come after all of these. I think from a security standpoint it is correct to say that the Primus is meant to supercede the Everest, though. In any event, I'll look into it and expand this page and the Schlage Everest page with anything else that might be helpful or need correcting.

Thanks! Datagram 17:11, 15 July 2011 (UTC)