Abloy Protec

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Abloy Protec

Abloy Protec
Abloy Protec cylinder.jpg
Name Abloy Protec
Manufacturer Abloy
Lock Type Cylinder
Lock Design Disc-detainer, Sidebar
Year(s) Produced 2001 - Present
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The Protec is a disc-detainer lock made by Abloy. The Protec uses nine or eleven discs that interface with a sidebar. One of the main features of the Protec is a "Disc Blocking System" that locks discs in place and makes various forms of attack more difficult.

The Protec is considered by many to be one of the best mechanical locks on the market. Videos of certain flaws and defeats have been shown on the Internet, but none have been publicly verified by a reputable source.

The Protec is the latest in the Abloy disc-detainer line, succeeding the Abloy Exec.


Principles of operation

The Protec works by using angled bitting cuts on the key to properly rotate discs. The key is inserted and rotated 90°; the angled cuts on the key in rotate the discs in the lock. If all the discs are rotated to the correct position the sidebar can fall into the discs and the plug can be rotated. Washers are placed between discs to ensure that the key rotates each disc individually.


  • Protec padlocks do not use the Disc Controller system but instead use a Disc Steering System (DSS) similar to the one used in the Abloy Exec.[1]

Key security levels

The security level of a Protec key defines the availability of key blanks or key duplication. Diamond, the highest level, involves key profiles that can only be obtained from Abloy directly.

Keys are available directly from Abloy. Full registration information must be provided.
Each Abloy Protec Centre has its own keyway profile. These profile keys are only available from the original distribution centre.
Like Ruby level, but the original supplier can provide additional keys. Abloy can provide keys if the original supplier is unknown.
Keys can be obtained at any Abloy Protec Centre by providing a key identification card. Keycards contain both keyway and indirect bitting information.

Disassembly instructions

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The Protec's design enables it to resist a variety of common attacks, particularly lockpicking. There are no confirmed non-destructive attacks against Protec cylinders in the public domain. In theory, the Protec is vulnerable to the following:



  1. Fey, Han. 2005. Evolution of Abloy (part 3)

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