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ABUS 34/55

Abus 34/55
Name Abus 34/55
Manufacturer ABUS
Lock Type Padlock
Lock Design Pin-tumbler
# of Components 6
Component Type Pin-tumbler

The ABUS 34/55 and 34CS/55 are rekeyable pin-tumbler padlocks with a large chrome-plated, hardened solid steel body and a 7/16" (11mm) diameter hardened shackle. There are two variants of this lock available: the 34/55 with an exposed shackle, and the 34CS/55 which has a shrouded shackle. These locks are designed for medium to high security applications requiring enhanced protection against physical attacks.


The cylinders used in these locks (RH6) are the same form factor as those used in standard American padlocks (APTC12 / APTC14), allowing easy integration into an existing system. ABUS makes an APTC14 compatible cylinder for this lock available as an option.


ABUS 34/55 padlocks may be vulnerable to the following attacks:


Unlock the padlock and remove the retaining screw concealed by the shackle; this will release the cylinder retainer (bible cover) and the cylinder.

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