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The 80TI "Titalium" is a pin-tumbler padlock made by ABUS. It contains six pin stacks, with various security pin designs for driver pins. [1].

ABUS 80TI-50 - FXE47402-Edit.jpg
Name ABUS 80TI
Manufacturer ABUS
Lock Type Padlock
Lock Design Pin-tumbler
# of Components 6
Component Type Pin-tumbler

Principles of operation

The ABUS 80TI/50 padlock is a standard pin-tumbler lock with a paracentric keyway, and six pin pairs. While the key pins are the traditional design, the driver pins are various security pin shapes: spooled, serrated, and special T-pin shape that suggests it is intended to provide protection from bumping attacks.[2]

When all the pins are lifted to the shear line, the plug can rotate clockwise.

See also Pin-tumbler (Principles of operation)

The ABUS 80TI/50 can only be opened by rotating the plug clockwise.

Model variations

Model Notes
80TI/40 25.5 mm Shackle, security level 6
80TI/45 29 mm Shackle, security level 7
80TI/40HB40 40 mm Shackle, security level 6
80TI/40HB63 63 mm shackle, security level 6
80TI/50 35 mm Shackle, security level 8
80TI/60 40 mm Shackle, security level 8

Disassembly instructions

The ABUS 80TI-50 cannot be disassembled non-destructively; to disassemble, you have to drill open the seventh pin chamber and remove the retaining pin and spring. Be warned, you can't use a follower or a shim, maybe a modified pinning shoe will work. If not, the driver pins will shoot in the empty chamber when you pull the plug out.



The ABUS 80TI/50 is vulnerable to "over lift" attacks, where the entire pin stack can be lifted, using a comb pick, into the driver's pin chamber, allowing plug rotation.

The ABUS 80TI/50 may be vulnerable to one or more of the following:

External links

Video of a cutaway lock to see the internals. ---> [2]


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