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ABUS 83/50
Abus 83 50 padlock.jpeg
Name ABUS 83/50
Manufacturer ABUS
Lock Type Padlock
Lock Design Pin-tumbler
# of Components 6/IC
Component Type Pin-tumbler

The 83 series is a versatile assortment of pin-tumbler padlocks made by ABUS. They are designed for medium to high security applications and most are not only keyway-compatible with most major manufacturers, but also accept cylinders from Schlage, Sargent, Lori, Medeco, and others (for example, Abloy and Bilock). IC versions of the 83-series locks are also available, accepting SFIC and LFIC Schlage interchangable cores. Recently, versions of the 83-series padlocks (with the exception of the 83/80) are available to support the new ABUS E60 Euro cylinders. The 83 series is also somewhat famous for including one of the largest commercially produced padlocks, "The Rock" 83/80 which is 3 1/4 in (82.5mm) wide and features a 9/16 (15mm) shackle. The 83/80 padlock uses a Scandinavian Oval cylinder, which is not supplied with the lock.

ABUS recently released the S2 (series 2) version of these padlocks, which can be identified by the updated logo on the lock body. Series 2 versions feature updated components; one of the most notable changes is the new "3 in 1" bolt driver which eliminates the need to manually rewind the spring on the bolt driver if it is removed from the body.


These locks feature a component called the Z-bar that allows the lock to be quickly converted between key-retaining and non key-retaining by the user. With the release of the series 2 locks, the shape of this component has changed and they are not compatible. The two versions can be identified by their different shapes and the colour of the dot (series 1 is red, series 2 is black).

The new S2 series locks also feature ABUS's patented NanoProtect chrome coating, which they claim makes the locks impervious to rust.

Model listing

Model Body


Dimensions (mm) Shackle

diameter (mm)

Weight (g) ABUS security


83/45 Brass 46.5/85/20.5 8 361 8
83/50 Brass 48/87.5/20.5 9.5 380 8
83CS/50 Brass 9.5 412 -
83/55 Steel 55/103.5/25 11 620 9
83CS/55 Steel 55/91.5/25 11 620 9
83WPIB/53 Brass - - - - Stainless Steel Shackle
83WP/53 Steel - - - -
83WPCS/53 Steel - - - -
83WP/63 Steel - - - -
83/80 Steel - 15 1287 10 Accepts Scandinavian Oval cylinder


Depending on the cylinder used, the 83 series locks may be vulnerable to the following attacks:


  1. Unlock the padlock.
  2. Remove the retaining screw that was concealed by the shackle to free the cylinder.
  3. Close the shackle and gently tap the body on a hard surface to release the bolt driver, spring and ball bearings.
  4. Remove the shackle which will expose the shackle spring.

Replacing the shackle

  • Method 1

Unlock the padlock and remove the cylinder. With a broad flat-headed screwdriver, rotate the bolt driver 45 degrees clockwise while gently pulling on the old shackle to release it. Press new shackle into position and release bolt driver.

  • Method 2

With the shackle in the closed position, lightly tap the padlock on a hard surface to extract the bolt driver and locking balls from the lock body. The shackle can be removed and replaced. Re-insert the locking balls with a little bit of grease, followed by the bolt driver - be sure the pigtail on the driver aligns with the correct groove. If this is done on series 1 locks, you will also need to rewind the spring which is difficult without the correct tool supplied by Abus.


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