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Alpha FB Face.jpeg
Manufacturer ALPHA
Lock Type Cylinder
Lock Design Pin-tumbler, Dimple
# of Components up to 20
Component Type Pin-tumbler

The FB is a dimple lock made by the Japanese manufacturer ALPHA. It contains up to 20 pin-tumbler stacks. Pins are arranged in four rows to the left side of the keyway, the right side as well as two diagonal rows at 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock.

Principles of operation

The ALPHA FB utilizes dimple keys but functions the same as a standard pin-tumbler lock. The key is bitted on the sides and edges of the blade and is reversible. To open the lock, all active pin-tumblers -- across all four rows of pins -- must be aligned at the shear line. (See also Pin-tumbler, Principles of operation).

The lock contains up to 20 pin-tumbler stacks. ALPHA utilizes a variety of security pins to deter picking. The FB uses a combination of tapered mushroom spools and standard driver pins which are all cupped to allow the spring to nest inside the pins. Key pins are multi-section tapered spools. Two pin stacks use interactive elements and feature different pin types and springs. In addition, there is over-milling in the core.

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