CISA 220

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CISA 220

CISA 220
Cisa 220-40.jpeg
Name CISA 220
Manufacturer CISA
Lock Type Padlock
Lock Design Pin-tumbler

The 220 is a pin-tumbler padlock series made by CISA. It features between three and six pin stacks, with four and five pin models being the most popular. The 220 series can also contain the CISA Astral cylinder, which uses ten pin stacks in a dimple orientation.


Solid brass body with nickel-plated carbonitrided steel shackle. Brass shackles are also available.

Model listing

  • 22010-15-0 - 22010-70-0 Standard shackle
  • 22010-50-0 ASTRAL cylinder
  • 22012-30-0 - 22012-50-0 Key retaining
  • 22013-20-0 - 22013-70-0 Brass shackle
  • 22011-20-0 - 22011-52-0 Long shackle


The 220 may be vulnerable to the following attacks:

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