Corbin Cabinet Lock

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Corbin Cabinet Lock

Corbin Cabinet Lock
Name Corbin Cabinet Lock
Headquarters Wheeling, Illinois (USA)
Founded 1882
Founder(s) Phillip Corbin
Padlocks, Lock cylinders

Corbin Cabinet Lock (CCL) is an American lock manufacturer that produces low and medium security padlocks and lock cylinders. CCL is a manufacturer and supplier of Padlocks, Cabinet Door Locks, Desk Drawer Locks, Cam Locks, Electrical Panel Board Locks, Enclosure Locks and other specialty lock products. CCL is also known as the originator of the Sesamee Brand 4-wheel combination lock.


CCL (Corbin Cabinet Lock) was founded in 1882 in New Britain, CT. The company spent 121 years in New Britain before moving to its current location in Wheeling, Illinois in 2003. In 1987 CCL was purchased by The Eastern Company.[1]

Lock Listing

Sesamee Brand

CCL originated the Sesamee brand of locking products in 1926, after their patent for a keyless lock was approved by the US Patent and Trademark office.[2]


  2. US patent 1604866, Wildrick Meade, "Keyless lock", 1926-10-26, assigned to Sesamee Co.

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