FAB 1*

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FAB 1*

FAB 1*
FAB1star least.png
Name FAB 1*
Manufacturer FAB
Lock Type Cylinder
Lock Design Pin-tumbler
Year(s) Produced 2022 -
Patent EP3219882B1, EP1523603B1

FAB 1* is the low end of the new generation of pin-tumbler locks from FAB. FAB 1* belongs to a resistance class 1, providing only basic security. Compared with the rest of the FAB's new generation it does stand out, as it was clearly designed with the aim to minimize the cost - this is probably the first FAB cylinder with skeletonized core.

Principles of operation

See also: Pin-Tumbler (Principles of Operation)

FAB 1* uses the same key shoulder style as the rest of the new generation cylinders, but the rest is completely different. Starting with the skeletonized core (allows to recover roughly 20% of the core material), "enhanced" shearline that probably aims to improve reliability when used in dusty environments. Also the core is drilled to use the 3mm pins, unlike the rest of the line. The keypins are also different from both previous generations and the new generation too - they have rounded tips. Although FAB's materials don't mention protection against the key impressioning attacks on any of their locks, these pins make the impressioning considerably more challenging. Springs are nonstandard too - they are considerably weaker and shorter and the anti-entangling center part is not usual in FAB locks either. And last, but not least - the keys are made of iron.

Disassembly instructions

Although the core is skeletonized, the cuts are thin enough (2.6mm), not to allow a driver pin to enter them. It has two groves for the cam clutch at 3 and 9'o clock positions, that would allow driver to jump out before the follower would hold it. A pinning shoe can be help, but segmented follower can be used for the double euro format too.


The FAB 1* is vulnerable to one or more of the following:



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