FAB 2**/3***

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FAB 2** Profi and 3***

FAB 2** Profi/3***
FAB2 least.png
Name FAB 2** Profi/3***
Manufacturer FAB
Lock Type Cylinder
Lock Design Pin-tumbler
Year(s) Produced 2022 -
Patent EP3219882B1, EP3306017B1

FAB 2** Profi and FAB 3*** are two pin-tumbler locks from FAB. FAB 2** Profi belongs to a resistance class 2, FAB 3*** belongs to resistance class 3. These locks are closely related to the FAB 3*** Profi, with the exception of being five pin locks only.

Principles of operation

See also: Pin-Tumbler (Principles of Operation)

Both locks are pretty much identical, with the exception of anti-drilling inserts - FAB 2** has no anti-drill elements. Also FAB 3*** comes with the identification card, which is only a convenience, because blanks for both are freely available. Both locks have six pin chambers, but the first chamber is left empty. Other than that, everything is identical to the FAB 3*** Profi.

Disassembly instructions

The core has two groves for the cam clutch at 3 and 9'o clock positions, that would allow driver to jump out before the follower would hold it. Pinning shoe can be handy, although you have to count with the stronger springs and smaller pin diameter. Segmented follower can be used for the double euro format too.


The FAB 2** Profi/3*** are vulnerable to one or more of the following:



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