FAB 2000

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FAB 2000

FAB 2000
FAB2000 least.png
Name FAB 2000
Manufacturer Fab
Lock Type Cylinder
Lock Design Pin-tumbler
Patent CZ302686B6

FAB 2000 is currently the best mechanical lock in FAB's portfolio; it belongs to a resistance class 4 (according to CSN P EN1627:2000), which is the highest resistance class FAB offers.


The lock contains five pin stacks, with two chambers containing standard drivers, two chambers contain RBC pins and there is a single spool. This configuration hints that the manufacturer perceives dynamic methods as a higher threat than picking (although RBC pins can frustrate picking as well). This lock also exists in so called 2in1 variant, which utilizes the construction keying hole on the right side of the core.

There is also a secondary locking mechanism, that consists of spring loaded sliders controlling a sidebar. Although such mechanisms are common in higher security locks, FAB took a slightly different approach - the sliders do not move linearly, but they slide radially, copying the inner radius of the bible. These sliders are actuated by cuts on the key's spine. The sidebar is also quite uncommon - it is a piece of a steel wire, approximately 1.4mm in diameter. Given the key width of 2.3mm, there are not many possible cut depths available (there seem to be only two). The security of this mechanism is further reduced by the decision to populate only two slider chambers of the three available in the core. And last, but not least, it seems that the locks produced currently have partially accessible sidebar groves, allowing the shim attack.

The profile used is quite paracentric, which adds to the protection against lockpicking. Also note that the keyway profile, when mirrored, spells "FAb".

There is also considerable amount of anti-drill protection in the lock and the slider chambers might work as a weak link, providing immunity against the core pulling.

The key is protected with both patent application and utility model; the blanks are restricted and key can be cut or copied only when locksmith is presented with a security card.

Dissassembly instructions

To disassemble a double euro cylinder, use of a pinning shoe is the preferred method; the only requirement is the pinning shoe arm is thin enough to clear the sliders. When removing the core, hold the sidebar in the core to avoid losing the sidebar springs or the sliders.

Other possibility is to use a segmented follower, but that requires that both cores are pulled out a bit to allow a cam removal. Then a core should be rotated to approximately 10:30 or 1:30 o'clock position (45 degrees either clockwise or anti-clockwise) to prevent driver entering a gaps for the cam clutch. Before pulling the core, make sure it is not rotated to roughly 7:00 o'clock position - driver entering the empty slider spring chamber might be the result. When pulling the core out, make sure you hold the sidebar as indicated above.

Also note that the slider springs aren't symetrical - the wider end belongs to the spring chamber, while the narrower touches the slider.


The FAB 2000 is vulnerable to one or more of the following:



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