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ISEO Logo.png
Headquarters Pisogne Italy
Founded 1969
Founder(s) Giuseppe Facchinetti
Lock cylinders, padlocks, emergency exit devices, electronic locks.

ISEO is an Italian lock manufacturer that produces lock cylinders, padlocks, safes, electromechanical locks, and emergency exit devices.


Iseo was founded in 1969 by Giuseppe Facchinetti. It began manufacturing locks, cylinders and padlocks in Pisogne, a village on Lake Iseo (Northern Italy), from which the company got its name. In 1998, the founder's son Evaristo Facchinetti founded the Iseo Group. Iseo Group now owns subsidiaries operating in Europe, Middle and Far East, Latin America and China.[1]

In 2004, ISEO acquired the German lock manufacturer Schlossicherungen Gera. It's name was changed to ISEO Deutschland in 2008.[2]

In 2014, ISEO Serrature incorporated Fiam, which has been part of Iseo Group since 2004 and specialized in locks for armoured doors.

Lock Listing

  • Iseo F5
  • Iseo MC 6500
  • Iseo MC5
  • ISEO R6


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