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Administrators Noticeboard & Talk Space

Hello, please use this page to discuss administrative and wiki-related matters that require administrative attention. Please be sure to check the following links before asking questions here:

Datagram 21:23, 16 June 2009 (UTC)

Yale_OC5_safe_lock Contained non-wiki material and can benefit from removal.

Update / Upgrade

MediaWiki, Wikieditor and TLS implementation needs attention. Willing to help. Current thought is to

  1. backup current site.
  2. buy temp linode,
  3. mimic current implementation.
  4. Import data or data sample.
  5. upgrade in place.
  6. test upgrade / migration for issues
    image samples
    pages samples
    history samples
    user samples
    template varification
    page creation
    image uploading
    new user & email alerts
  7. implement TLS implementation and test.
    This step requires a temporary subdomain.
  8. iron out the process steps and plan
  9. upgrade production wiki