Lockwood 120 series

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Lockwood 120 series

Lockwood 120/50
Lockwood 120-50.jpg
Name Lockwood 120/50
Manufacturer Lockwood
Lock Type Padlock
Lock Design Pin-tumbler

The 120 series is a consumer-range set of brass pin-tumbler padlocks made by Lockwood. They range from 30mm to 60mm in width, with varying thickness shackles to suit, and come with three keys from the manufacturer.


Padlocks in the 120 series are assembled by Lockwood and cannot be dissassembled non-destructively. They are non-key retaining and feature relatively paracentric smaller keyways. The shackle is secured with two spring-loaded locking lugs, which leave the padlocks vulnerable to shimming via the shackle.


The 120 series contain 4-5 pins, which are a mix of spools and standard pins. The spools used in this series are different to the spools used in Lockwood's commercial range, which are commonly called Lockwood shallow spools.


Model Dimensions (mm) Shackle diameter (mm) Shackle opening (mm) Weight (g) Pin count
120/30 31.2/30.2/13.1 5 18 (standard)/50/80 50 4
120/35 ? ? 23 ? 4
120/40 40/36.8/15.5 7.1 25 (standard)/50/80 50 5
120/45 ? ? 27 ? 5
120/50 50.3/45.5/18 9.5 32 100 5
120/60 ? ? 35 200 5

120N series

The 120N series contains a variant for every lock in the 120 series, and adds a protective silicone jacket on the lock body. All shackle length variants are available within the 120N series.

121 series

The 121 series is a variant available for the 120/40 and the 120/50. The 121/40 and 121/50 respectively, have a plastic shackle guard fitted to protect the shackle from basic attacks. The 121/40 is only available with the standard length shackle for the 120/40.


The 120 series of padlocks is vulnerable to the following:

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