MIWA 3800

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MIWA/Anker 3800

MIWA/Anker 3800
MIWA 3800 cylinder.jpg
Name MIWA/Anker 3800
Manufacturer MIWA
Lock Type Cylinder
Lock Design Hybrid, Pin-tumbler, Magnetic
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The 3800 is a hybrid lock that uses magnetic and dimple components. It is made by MIWA (Japan) and Ankerslot (The Netherlands). The 3800 is one of the few magnetic locks to be widely used around the world in high-security installations, particularly in Europe and Asia.

The 3800 supercedes the MIWA EC. It is also available in a magnet-only configuration, including a cam lock version. The magnet-only version of the lock is considered more reliable in harsh environments due to the absence of accesible or moving parts in the keyway.

Principles of operation

See also Pin-Tumbler (Principles of Operation)

The 3800 uses four pin-tumblers arranged in a dimple configuration and four magnetic sliders as locking components. To open the lock, all components must be properly aligned at the shear line by the correct key. The pin-tumblers are raised to their proper heights, and the magnetic sliders are pulled into the plug by the magnets in the key.

The 3800 uses a variety of security pin designs on the driver pins to deter lockpicking, decoding, and overlifting.


  • Newer 3800s may use additional pin stacks.


The 3800 may be vulnerable to one or more of the following:


  • To pick the 3800, both the magnetic and dimple components must be properly aligned at the shear line.
  • Impressioning and key bumping are possible given a blank key with the correct magnetic elements.

Disassembly instructions

  • Remove the cam and C-clip.
  • Remove the chamber casing for the pin-tumblers and remove the spring and pins.
  • Insert the working key and extract the plug.


  • Do not remove the plug when it is rotated at 90°; the driver pins will get stuck in the channels where the magnetic components protrude.
  • If you cannot remove the pin-tumblers from their chambers, rotate the plug 180° before extracting the plug.
  • Do not remove the key from an exposed plug without holding the sliders in place. The change in magnetic field and spring pressure will eject the sliders (forcibly!).
  • A standard size (1/2") plug follower will not fit in the 3800.



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