Master Lock Sphero

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Master Lock Sphero
Lock Sphero.jpg
Name Master Lock Sphero
Manufacturer Master Lock
Lock Type Padlock
Lock Design Combination

Sphero is a low-security padlock made by Master Lock. It is a combination padlock that uses a sequence of three numbers. It offers 40 numbers for a total of 64,000 theoretical permutations. The real number of permutations is considerably lower due to low tolerances.

The Sphero is common on lockers in gyms and high schools in the United States.

Operating Instructions

  1. Spin the dial three times to the right (clockwise), stopping on the first number
  2. Spin the dial once to the left, passing the second number once and then stop on the second number
  3. Spin the dial to the right, stopping on the third number
  4. If the combination is correct the shackle will be free


The Sphero is vulnerable to a variety of compromise techniques, namely:

In addition, the Sphero offers minimal resistance to forced entry.

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