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Thanks to cppdungeon for creating this page!
I think it would be better if we just put a quick note on the lock types and link to their main page. Eventually, we'll have so much info that they'll get their own pages, anyways. Just the history of each type alone will be enough to warrant an individual page.

not sure how this discussion thing works exactly, but i think the definition of lock needs to be broadened
thanks for formatting guys

The purpose of the talk page(s) is to discuss changes to the real page. In some cases changes are contraversial, or an agreement must be made, otherwise people continually roll back to their versions when they don't like the changes made.
For example, I would argue that my previous version, which defines a lock as being "a mechanical fastening device that restricts access to an area or enclosure" to be what we should go with, because the current "A lock is a device used to restrict access" is too general. It is correct in the context of a generic wiki on the concept of a lock, but with lockwiki we will almost always be referring to the mechanical or digital access control type of lock, which is always mechanical in nature. In addition, we have to define what locks restrict access to. Without the additional information the definition present could mean many things; it is better to be specific because we're limiting the scope of Lockwiki to physical security, namely mechanical access control devices.
Use this page, or others like it, to let everyone (alright, just me, for now :P) know your thoughts, and then we can work toward what future edits will looks like. Also, it is helpful to timestamp talk page messages so we know if something is recent or not (eventually I'll purge talk pages that are no longer relevant).
-dg, 01.03.09