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The conclusion stated here, "In the episode "Mega Movie Myths" of the Discovery Channel's show MythBusters, this famous ad was tested by shooting a Master Lock padlock by a rifle, capturing the results on film. As the famous Super Bowl ad depicted, Master Lock passed the test by surviving the gun shot.[3]" is in conflict with the results stated in the given reference (imdb) and on the MythBusters web site:

So the question becomes, "Did the lock survive the gun shot?"

Watch the video again. The 12 gauge shotgun deer slug destroys the Master padlock and it is easily removed from the door. The M1 Garand blows the lock apart. The locks did not survive, but it was suggested that the shooter probably would not survive this attack either, due to likely ricochet and shrapnel.


Good eye. I just noticed there was no reference, and wikipedia didn't have a reference for the same thing. Went looking for the episode and found this. I guess the reason people have said the lock survived is because the lock survived the handgun shots in the mythbusters episode?

I wasn't able to find another episode with the mythbusters shooting locks, so if it is actually the wrong episode, I apologize for the mistake. What should we do with this?