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The "+" sign above the keyway does not indicate that it is a SecureKey. The "+" sign is Schlage's indication that it is a product equipped with their "Power Bolt". All SecureKeys are used in conjunction with a Power Bolt, however, but still: "+" does not mean SecureKey.



Reverted this edit "(It has been bumped and verified through multiple accounts on Clearstar, including video evidence. Might want to try it for yourself before you let theory write it off. Protip: Cut the bump key on the blue blanks.)"

Please provide links (preferrably public) to support this. While I'm sure there are attacks that look like bumping, this technically cannot be bumping due to the lack of pin stacks. Instead, it is probably just exploiting the poor sidebar tolerances and the lack of false gates, or the mechanics of the reset cradle --- closer to rake/gypsy keys, I'd imagine.

And no need to be saucy in future edits, Béarnaise.

Datagram 16:50, 27 January 2011 (UTC)

What would be a better description than wafer lock? The "wafers" don't technically align at the shear line. -mcm

11/18/10 - Added redirect from "securekey" (mcm)

I dunno...those are wafers. I consider it a wafer sidebar lock; nothing else really fits and those are close enough to wafers in the automobile sense that I see no problem with calling them that.

Datagram 21:59, 18 November 2010 (UTC)

Locksmiths don't refer to them as wafers, and the manufacturer doesn't refer to them as wafers. I feel describing them as such is factually incorrect. They share no common attributes with wafers... except that they are lifted vertically. I think we should stick with the terminology the manufacturer has used for these locks. Even by the definition of wafers at ( they are not wafers, not to mention the formal definition of a wafer: "a flat tumbler which must be drawn into the cylinder plug by the proper key so that none of its extremities extends into the shell 2. a flat, usually rectangular tumbler with a gate which must be aligned with a sidebar by the proper key." This tumbler has two distinct parts, and is not flat. -mcm 11/25/10

Changed description to use term "sliders" instead of "wafers" to reflect the design more accurately. -mcm 06/29/11