Tri-Circle 264

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Tri-Circle 264

Tri-Circle 264
Tri-circle 264.jpeg
Name Tri-Circle 264
Manufacturer Tri-Circle
Lock Type Padlock
Lock Design Pin-tumbler

The 264 is a pin-tumbler padlock made by Tri-Circle. It has five pins with mushroom drivers and a retaining pin.


The lock has a solid brass housing which houses the cylinder plug and pinstacks. The cylinder plug is also made of brass and is held in place with a retaining pin. It used two spring-loaded actuators made out of brass to engage the shackle. The shackle itself is made out of hardened steel. The pinstacks, retaining pin and actuators are inserted via a holes drilled from the right side of the lock. These openings are sealed with a brass strip and cap visible to the naked eye. The keyway goes all the way through the plug and has no end cap.


The 160 is vulnerable to the following attacks:

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