ASSA 10450

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ASSA 10450

ASSA 10450
Assa 8450 front.jpeg
Name ASSA 10450
Manufacturer ASSA
Lock Type Cylinder, Cam lock
Lock Design Pin-tumbler

The 10450 is a pin-tumbler cam lock made by ASSA for use in wiring cabinets, vending machines and other low to medium security applications. It is part of the ASSA industrial series of locks offered in Europe.


The lock has 5 pins and can be manufactured with master keying.


The lock components are made of brass with a chrome plated exterior. The keys are brass with a nickel coating. The outer diameter of the shell is 22 mm and the lock can be mounted through an oval hole of no more than 22 mm depth. The plug protrudes 10 mm behind the shell and has threading which allows mounting of the cam via a tightening nut. A stop washer is mounted closest to the shell to prevent the plug from rotating more than 90 degrees. The bottom of the shell has five holes to allow access to the key pins once the stop washer has been removed.


The ASSA 10450 may be vulnerable to the following:

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