DOM ix TwinStar

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DOM ix TwinStar

DOM ix TwinStar
DOM ix twinstar key-Reinder.png
Name DOM ix TwinStar
Manufacturer DOM
Lock Type Cylinder
Lock Design Pin-tumbler, Dimple
Security Rating(s) EN 1303:2015
Patent 2016
Expires 2037
# of Components 9
Component Type Pin-tumbler
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The TwinStar is a DIN EN 1303-rated lock made by DOM. The cylinder is a pin-tumbler lock, with a collapsible sidebar element and a dimple key. The TwinStar plug uses nine keypins and drivers, in two rows. The housing contains three sidebar grooves. The key includes two rotating rings that position the two interactive elements.

Principles of operation

The TwinStar features an axial tumbler element that acts as a sidebar. The sidebar is made from two relatively movable pins on a guiding rod, with a coil spring between the two. The sidebar protudes into a groove in the cylinder housing and prevents rotation of the plug. When the sidebar is compressed through the lifting of an element in the plug, it can move into the recess in the plug and clear the housing groove.

Dissassembly instructions

Disassembling the TwinStar is similar a traditional pin-tumbler lock, though care must be taken because of the high number of components. Distribution of pins along three sets of chambers must be considered when removing the plug from the cylinder.

  1. Remove the cam or C-clip.
  2. Insert the key and turn the plug 45-90 degrees.
  3. Withdraw the plug from the cylinder. (A plug follower is recommended)



The TwinStar is vulnerable to one or more of the following:



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