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Headquarters USA
Founded 1998

Pacific Lock Company (PACLOCK) is an American lock manufacturer that produces medium security padlocks. Their locks generally feature a Universal Cylinder System which allows cylinders to be interchangeable and easy to rekey.


Federal Lock was founded in 1998. The name was changed in 2005 to Pacific Lock Company. [1] Offering an alternative to the American Lock brand of padlocks, they shifted to American-based manufacturing in 2010. Pacific Lock Company is family owned and headed by president Greg Waugh.

Lock Listing

Keys and Cylinders

PACLOCK's 5 & 6-pin cylinders are pinned like American Lock 5 & 6-pin cylinders but the ends are shaped differently to mitigate a well-known American lock bypass. The standard PACLOCK keyway is the "P0" keyway which is the same as the American Lock "AM3" or ILCO 1045 for 5-pin, and "AM7" or ILCO A1045 for 6-pin. Unless otherwise requested, a PACLOCK order comes with the 6-pin "P0" (ILCO 1045/A1045) keyway, though restricted keyways for American Lock AR1, AR2, and AR7 and its own 6-pin "PR1" and "PR2" are also available. Older keyed-alike versions of their PL laminated padlocks were compatible with M1/M10 (4-pin and 5-pin) keys. [2]

PACLOCK padlocks support several cylinder types. The "standard rekeyable" design matches up to American pin spacing and depths, are compatible with American AM3/AM7 keys, and support repinning without requiring full cylinder disassembly. [3] PACLOCK padlocks also support SFIC, LFIC, KIK/KIL (Key-in-Knob/Key-in-Lever), and their proprietary UCS (Universal Cylinder System). The "government" cylinder on the 100G padlock has a 5-pin M15 (ILCO 1092R) cylinder [4]

The UCS Universal Cylinder System is a proprietary interchangeable core system for PACLOCK padlocks, puck locks, cargo locks, etc. [5] "With UCS™, every padlock can have its own, unique key, all padlocks can share the same key, or a master key can be used to open all locks. Finally, a Grand-Master key allows for a sub-system of Master Keys over your locks." [6]

The UCS system only uses 6 depths because in a standard 8-depth system key bittings need to be at least 2 depths apart to avoid "key interchange" (keys that work but are not intentionally in the master system, i.e., incidental or ghost keys [7]), so PACLOCK's slightly larger pins eliminate that issue and allow all 6 depths to be used, allowing a greater number of overall key bittings in a master key system [8] PACLOCK UCS pins are stainless steel, providing more drill resistance compared to commonly-used brass pins. [9]



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