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Abloy Easy

Abloy Easy
Abloy Easy keyway-Idanhurja.jpg
Name Abloy Easy
Manufacturer Abloy
Lock Type Cylinder, Padlock
Lock Design Disc-detainer
Year(s) Produced 2021 - Present
Patent FI20195157A1


Component Type Disc-detainer
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Abloy Sento
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The Easy is a disc-detainer lock made by Abloy. The Easy cylinder allows the key to be turned only one direction. As such, it is primarily used in spring bolts, padlocks, and cam locks. It features a symmetrical convenience key with a large bow, available in blue, pink, yellow, and purple. Each key displays a unique QR code for key control purposes. One identifying element of the key is an oval-shaped hole through the blade, near the tip.[1]

The Easy was announced publicly on April 16, 2021, superceding the Abloy Sento. The patent expires in 2040.

Principles of operation

The Easy works by using angled bitting cuts on the key to properly rotate discs. The key is inserted and rotated 90°; the angled cuts on the key then rotate the discs in the lock. If all the discs are rotated to the correct position the sidebar can fall into the discs and the plug can be rotated. Washers are placed between discs to ensure that the key rotates each disc individually.



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