HOBES 24129

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HOBES 24129

HOBES 24129
Hobes24129 least.png
Name HOBES 24129
Manufacturer HOBES
Lock Type Mortise
Lock Design Lever
# of Components 5
Component Type Lever

The 24129 is a double throw lever mortise deadbolt lock made by the Czech company HOBES. The lock provides only low level of security - although there are five levers, they have no anti-picking or anti-impressioning mechanisms.

The lock uses original key blank designated 548 (blade length 11.9mm), Silca 6HOB3.

Principles of operation

The lock contains five levers which need to be set to a correct height in order to allow the stump through the gate, extending or retracting the deadbolt.

The first lever is thicker than the rest and also its spring is stronger compared to the rest. Also the pockets and gates looks different compared the other levers and it interacts with the shaped part of the stump. Since the key can be used from both sides, this lever is a max lift by design, as it interacts with the same part of the key, as the talon.

The other levers are interfacing with the rectangular portion of the stump. The pockets and gates shape and its position is the same on all levers and the only thing that differs is the belly.

Disassembly instructions

To disassemble the lock, just unscrew the two screws holding the cover. Also some of the protrusions through the cover are crimped, so some leverage is necessary to remove the cover for the first time.


The Hobes 24129 is vulnerable to one or more of the following:


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