StealthKey Cylinder S14

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StealthKey Cylinder S14

StealthKey Cylinder
IMG 20210204 063456.jpg
Name StealthKey Cylinder
Manufacturer UrbanAlps
Lock Type Cylinder
Lock Design Lever
# of Components 14
Component Type Lever

The StealthKey S14 a 14 lever euro cylinder lock. Each lever has 3 possible bittings. The levers are arranged in an alternating pattern - 1 left, then 1 right, etc. This helps compress a large number of elements into a tight space. There are two sidebars, interacting with half of the levers each -- one for the left facing elements, and one for the right facing elements. Levers have false gates. There is a true 0 cut lever.[1][2]

The bitting cannot be extracted from photographs of the key, but can be extracted if you have physical access to the key with a specialized tool or a modified StealthKey core.

Principles of Operation

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