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AB FAS Låsfabrik
Fas logo.png
Name AB FAS Låsfabrik
Headquarters Sweden
Founded 1849
Founder(s) Frans August Stenman
Levers, combination locks

FAS (Frans August Stenman) is a Swedish lock manufacturer that produces lever and combination locks.


FAS was founded by Frans August Stenman after he received his master craftsman's certificate and citizenship on August 13, 1849. The company oncentrated on lock manufacturing in 1853, and in the 1860s its products gained international attention. The company was awarded several prizes on major exhibitions; in London 1862, Stockholm 1866, Paris 1867, Philadelphia 1876, and Eskilstuna 1878. During this time the company employed between 20 to 30 workers.[1]

By 1878 the company had grown to between 50 and 60 workers. In 1889, a new factory was built and the son of the founder, Ernst Bernhard Stenman, had taken over management of the company. Another one of the founder's sons; F.O. Stenmark, planned to take over the company but he died just after doing so. Ernst took over the business until his death in 1924.

In 1926, the company converted to a limited company by Ernst's son Hugo. The company built a new factory in 1927 and survived through the Great Depression and World War II.

The company suffered greatly during the 1950s and 60s. In 1969, FAS was bought by Eric Matsson. In 1972, the name was changed to AB FAS Låsfabrik and the company relocated to it's current premises in Vilsta, Sweden.

In 1973, the American Yale company acquired half of FAS. Increased demand for high-security locks by insurance firms helped the company and by 1976 Yale acquired the rest of the company. In 1990, FAS was aquired by ASSA Industri AB. ASSA-Abloy was founded in 1994 and FAS became a part of it.

Lock Listing

Doors and windows

Extra locks

Narrow profile locks

Primary locks

Window locks

Internal and toilet/bathroom door locks

  • FAS 420 Dead lock – for wardrobe doors
  • FAS 2020 Latch lock - For internal and bathroom/toilet doors
  • FAS 40C & FAS 40T Dead bolt lock - For internal and toilet/bathroom doors


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